以下、海外の反応(引用翻訳元 dailymail、youtube

Crikey that footage really brings the magnitude of what an earthquake is, home

Thoughts and prayers from the UK to Japanese people affected by this earthquake and tsunami.

What an horrendous start to the New Year....I am so sorry.

どうか、どうか、これが2011年の再来になりませんように、この美しい国と人々のために願いと祈りを捧げます アメリカ
Please , please , don't let this be another 2011 incident, hoping and praying for this beautiful country and people .

God bless the Japanese. Let's hope it is not as bad as it could be.

2時間の間に40回も地震があったなんて!一体何が起きているんだろう・・・全員が無事で発見されますように。 アメリカ
In a span of two hours there were 40 earthquakes! Like WTH is happening... I hope everyone is found safe.

HERE IN THE UK we have earthquakes, they rarely do any truly serious damage. Hope all goes well for you Japan, and that this passes with no serious injuries or consequences. God bless.

┗ イギリスでは本当に小さな揺れしか起きない。最後に比較的大きかったのは1931年のM6.1まで遡る。
 We have small tremors really. The last major-ish one was a 6.1 in 1931.

very scary - terrifying - so many earthquakes, tornados and volcanos this year. we are very fortunate to live in a fairly stable island.

┗ そうはいっても日本の先進性と比較すると、我が国のインフラはお笑いものだよ。
 Yet our infrastructure is a laughing stock compared to how advanced Japan's is.

マグニチュード7.6は非常に大きな地震でしょう。できるだけ早く友人である日本に援助物資を送らなければ。 アメリカ
7.6 is a very large Earthquake. we need to send aid to our friend's as soon as possible ...

それでも、日本では略奪事件は一件も起こらないでしょう。 アメリカ
Yet, there will be not one single looting incident.

┗ 日本は世界で唯一の礼儀正しい国。他の国々が日本と日本の文化から学べばいいのにと思う。
 Japan is the only civilised country in the whole world. If only the rest of the world could learn from them and their culture.

Good to see Japans Tsunami warning system working well. Clearly a nation that learns quickly.Good luck and hope the people remain safe.

Oh terrible news, beautiful Japan. I have backpacked there in my youth, been to Ishikawa Prefecture. Lovely country, lovely people full of morals, manners, hardworking and super welcoming to me and my female group of friends. Wishing you all love and safety, thinking of you. Stay safe!

The Japanese will have this damage fixed in weeks, not the years that it would take us if the same happened here.

私は東京でその地震に遭遇しました。東京の友人たちのことがとても心配。 アメリカ出身
I felt it in Tokyo. Im very worried about some of my friends in the region.

Didn't they have one a few years ago that destroyed roads but were back up and running in about a week,

Just take proper care for your nuclear power stations. We don't want Fukishima happen again, please.

Sushi prices will skyrocket

Judging by some of these nasty comments, I think some people are still drunk from last night - absolutely disgraceful comments that do not represent most of our views.

What a terrible start to the New Year. Prayers are sent your way, stay safe x.

We've just had a massive tornado in Manchester so completely understand what you're going through.

(※参考映像 2023年12月27日発生)

私ははるか南の日本の太平洋沿岸地域(名古屋)に住んでいて、これは間違いなく強力な地震だとわかった。私たちがいた家は約1分間揺れた。日本の素晴らしい早期警告技術のおかげで、携帯電話に地震が迫ってくることを予め知らせてくれた。 イギリス出身
This was indeed a powerful earthquake; sitting far to the south on Japan's Pacific coast (in Nagoya), the house I was in shook for around 1 minute. Courtesy of the Japan's remarkable early-warning technology, our cellphones had already alerted us that an earthquake was approaching.

私は2008年に東京で小さめの地震を経験しました。その時は屋内にいたけど、5秒以内にテレビチャンネルとラジオチャンネルで警告が即座に放送されました。地震の震源地、津波の高さ、その他の重要な情報が即座に日本全国に提供されました。地震に対する備えが万全な国があるとすれば、それは日本でしょう。犠牲者が出ないことを願っています! スウェーデン
I experienced a smaller earthquake in Tokyo in 2008. We were inside and within 5 seconds warnings were immediately broadcasted on all TV-channels and radio-channels. The epicentre of the earthquake was displayed, the height of the tsunami and all other important information was immediately available to the entire country. If there's any country on earth that is prepared for earthquakes, it's Japan. Hope there are no casualties!

ここ数週間、カリフォルニアでは小規模な地震が多く発生している。 アメリカ
Lot's of small earthquakes hitting California in the past several weeks.

They will have it rebuilt & back to normal in just a few weeks. A nation That we should aspire to be like


海外の反応ランキング記事内容が「よかった 役に立った」と思われたらブログランキングの投票(「海外の反応」バナーまたはこのリンクをクリックして投票完了、1日1票反映)をしてもらえると励みになります。